Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CMWC Registration and Sponsorship

I have begun the stages of registering for the event. I'm waiting on a reply email from the event coordinators to complete my registration. If you go to the Registration portion of the sight and scroll down to the list you can see me as rider number 280. It's grayed out because I'm not completed yet. As of right now there are over 300 registrants. I signed up for all of the events with the exception of the 'Backwards Circles' and 'Skid' because I can't do either of them. But I figured I'd give a go for the 'Trackstand' competition and see how miserably I fail at that one, since I can only track stand for about 5 seconds.

Aside from the registration and pending plane ticket purchase (some time next week it should be finalized) I have exciting news from the sponsorship end of this race. I work part time as a mechanic at Wheel and Sprocket, which has a subdivision known as 8th Inch

What is really cool is that they are letting me select the components for the bike, so I will get to set it up to my liking based upon the parts available to me that will help to promote the 8th Inch brand. What this means is that I can set up a swank color coordination with the bike. As I figure out some of the components I'm getting pretty excited to see the completed bike. I have to wait a while though as the brand new model of their frame, The Scrambler V2, won't be shipped out from the manufacturer for a few more weeks. I'm thinking white with red accents.

So now that I am apparently corporately sponsored for the 2009 CMWC in Tokyo I will start paying homage to them in a more noticeable manor. that caters to the urban fixed gear rider. I shot them an email seeing if they would be interested in helping out with some small sponsorship while I was out there, hoping on possibly getting a set of the cool deep dish wheels they just came out with. To my surprise they offered to set me up with a complete bike as well as appropriate merchandise to take out there with me and spread the love with. So while I am slightly sad that my trusty Leader will not be taking the trip with me, I am very excited for this opportunity and the support from 8th Inch.

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