Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tokyo CMWC

After begging my wife for permission she has allowed me to aspire to go race in the 2009 Cycle Messenger World Championship event in Tokyo, Japan this year between September 19th and 23rd. But I need every ones help to get there, because she won't let me do it unless I can get donations to cover the cost. So I am doing some more begging to all of you. Please help me get to the Tokyo CMWC. Drop me an email at or contact me through other ways that you know of to get a hold of me.

Yes, I am able to enter into the events even though I am not a bike messenger. I not going to kid myself about winning any of the events, but I have been doing well against messengers and can go into Tokyo to at least place well.

Even though it will be a hard race for me to gain anything out of monetarily I am still driven to participate in this event which is being held in my favorite city in the whole world. Help me represent Milwaukee and I promise not to disappoint.

I am looking to try and collect $1200.00 to cover the cost of air fair, lodging and food. Any other expenditures will come out of my own pocket. I will keep a tally posted on this site for how the fund raising is proceeding.

I am setting a deadline of July 25th (for no reason other then it's about a month off) to get the funds together. If I am unable to get close to that goal by the deadline it will either be extended for a brief period or canceled all together and the money refunded 100%...and the death of a dream with it.

So thank you in advance for your help and support, this will be a truly memorable event.

For those that are interested here is the url for the Tokyo CMWC you can see what kind of events I will be participating in.


  1. Do you have PayPal? That's probably the best way to manage the donations. I'll drop you a couple bucks as soon as I have a couple bucks to drop you.

  2. I'm with Joe on this one. If you got a paypal account I'll gladly dropsome cash in it for ya.