Thursday, July 2, 2009

Registration and Anticipation

After trying twice with my work email I finally re-registered for the CMWC's through my home email and magically received the emails I needed right away. So, now I am officially registered and paid up for the race's and events. You can find me listed as 280 at the site. Next week I should be buying the plane ticket and working on reserving the youth hostel stay. Again I have to thank everyone for supporting me in this adventure, everyone who has donated and especially my corporate sponsor 8th Inch.

As I have been mulling over the idea of getting a complete bike from them I have started to become excited about it. Here are just some of the cool components I will more then likely have on the bike.
I want to see if I can get red crank arms with a white chainring and a red chain.

Here is a better shot of the handlebars. Im thinking these with either red track grips or red bar tape.

I'm most excited about these wheels, I wanted a pair for my bike before 8th Inch offered to have me promote them in Tokyo. So it will be cool to rock them and I should probably get a pair for my bike too. I'm anxious to see the other components available, their list on BLOG is pretty solid for components...anodized cogs/lockrings offer tantelizing options.

So again, thanks to everyone for their support so far. I am close to being where I need to be for the trip and a huge thanks for 8th Inch!!

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