Monday, June 29, 2009

2009 CMWC Tokyo Update

Thank again to everyone who has helped so far. After the weekend the total is no $1085.00!! I am very close to the initial goal I set.

I have begun planning when and where I will stay in Tokyo during the event. Thankfully a number of low cost youth hostels have opened in central Tokyo in the last few years offering rooms for as low as $30.00 a night.

I have found from reading more on the CMWC website that the events will be help in the portion of Tokyo called Odaiba. This is cool because its a portion of the city I have never had the opportunity to visit. Yet it's uncool in some respects because there appears to be only one way to access the island via bike. In order to board the train/subway with my bike I would have to use a bag called a rinko which seems like a pain in the butt for how few times I would probably be using it. But, I have found a few in Japan for under $50.00 so I might get one anyways and it would be a neat souvenier.

I'm looking to upgrade the wheels on my Leader soon to with these cool deep dish wheels. Since this is a Wheel and Sprocket company, I can get them pretty cheap, but I'm also trying to work some sponsorship opportunities with them to in relation to the races in Japan, as well as for this company. So hopefully I can get some coopporation and really work the marketing angle and have more reason to kick some ass in Odaiba. I'm also working on getting more stickers for the bike I'm taking with...unfortunatly below is not a recent photo that shows all the ones I have accumulated so far.

Also, during my time in Japan I will be posting daily on here with updates, info and photos so everyone can see what kind of craziness I'm up to leading up to the events. I foresee a week hanging out with Tokyo's messengers being dangerous to my well being and highly memorable.

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