Monday, July 6, 2009

Trip Finalization

So the trip to Tokyo for the 2009 Cycle Messenger World Championships is officially underway. I have purchased the plane ticket and reserved the space at the Youth Hostel for the stay. Now all I need to do is figure out a good way to train for it besides quitting my day job and joining a messenger company. For right now though my biggest concentration will be on improving my stamina and speed, I can work on package handling and negotiation easily enough, since the way it looks like is that the checkpoints in the races you have to approach by foot. So it's just a matter of getting quick at loading and removing packages from my bag.

Here is the website for the Youth Hostel I will be staying at, I couldn't pass up staying at a place called 'Ninja' and it is relatively close to the event.

In the blog for the event the planners seem to be having fun as well.

My anticipation is building and again I want to thank everyone for their support. If you get a chance come check me and my team mates out at the Riverwest 24 from 7pm July 24th to 7pm July 25th as we try to see how many laps we can put down in this 2nd annual 24 hour road race.

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