Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Buy my bike!!!

Ok, well not really. But Eighthinch.com now has available through their online store complete scrambler builds. You can almost buy build my bike, with the exception of the white saddle and the red chainring, which is a Sugino Messenger ring, thanks a lot guys for that one!! You can check out the page here.

Also, I posted the bike on Velospace as well and got a few hits already on it, which is pretty cool. The first post on it though questioned why I went with the heavier 42mm deep dish rims when I won't really get any aero advantage until I hit 25mph, which is very true. I went with them for a few reasons; they are nice wheels, they look sharp and will definitly get attention. I'm not concerned with my aero abilities and I have been finding once I get up to speed its incredibly easy to maintain that speed. So from now until I leave the biggest thing i will be training on aside from my endurance is my standing starts. I need to kick this bike into gear on the drop of a hat and that is where the weight, especially with the wheels are playing a role. It's all about building up more leg strength. I'm not worried about it either since I have plenty of time. 8-)

If you want to check out the listing on Velospace click here. You can also link to my other bikes I have listed as well.

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